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Deep61Posted at 2018-04-23 14:00:02(29 wks ago)     1
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Uploading Rules!
This section is about how to upload here on Worldwide Torrents, and the rules governing the same. Please follow them. Not doing so can result in costing you your uploader status, being warned in a written form, or even being banned from the site.

This guide applies to all regular uploaders and XXX uploaders, no matter what status you have.

Things you must do to upload here:

You must accept terms & conditions of WorldWide Torrents before you start uploading.
You must read the Site Rules before you start uploading.
You must sign these Uploading Rules including XXX rules before you start uploading.
Always make a good title for your torrent.
A torrent description is mandatory  links to an image site by itself is not considered a torrent decription you must provide media data or screenshots or at least a good torrent description an IMDB link is optional other than that there must be a torrent description no exceptions if not you will be contacted by staff to correct this situation or you could loose uploading privileges if it continues after being warned
Use our text for your torrent or create a text file into torrent folder manually ''Torrent Downloaded from'
Use allowed image hosting site to show screenshots of a movie.
Always upload & attach Movie cover, Album cover, Software icon, Ebook cover, Windows cover (etc) to a torrent. It will show up in image tab of your torrent. This is only if there are no XXX images on it.
You can present your Facebook fan page into torrent description.
You can present your own seedbox into torrent description.
You can present others torrents on behalf of them. Tag must be listed into torrent title.
You can re upload the same torrent from other sites, but give them a credit by using their Tag into title & description.
You must seed any new torrent for at least 24 hours and it must have a 1.0 ratio. or it will be removed.
Always attach .Info file to your torrent.
You must use your tag name if you're not retaging or reuploading others torrent, if you're a encoder then use your own tag.
You torrent must be clean of virus or any infection. Otherwise it will be removed.
Always use good working trackers for good result.
Your own personal website is allowed to be present in torrent description this includes any site as long as it's your own and verified by wwt staff..with the exception of its a money making site..this is not allowed regardless  if you own it or not.

Although WWT frowns upon it if you put pay links or any other link into a torrent upload it is not against the rules but you can not post it into your torrent description as per the rules having said that if that link in your torrent is infectious  the torrent will be removed with out warning and you will loose your uploading privaleges

Things you can NOT do here on uploading:

Do not upload a de-tagged torrent which means some one elses torrent and where you have just changed or edited the title of the torrent before uploading it
Do not use outside links in torrent description unless the link is to your own site and it must be verified by wwt staff not allowed is any money making site regardless if it's yours or not.
Direct download links are not allowed if on the torrents. However, if the hash leads to a site like Torrentz2, and the download link is there only, it is allowed.
 Do not upload freeware-only torrents. They are not allowed here and will be deleted.
If you uploaded virus infected torrents, then you will be warned and torrent will be deleted without notice. The next offense will include deletion of the torrent, but your account will be disabled for a period of time to be determined by Staff. The third offense is total banishment from WorldWide Torrents.
[Do not promote any site/blog/.net/website in your torrent description unless it is your own personal site which must be verified by wwt staff with the exception of any money making site regardless if it's your own or not
XXX images may be listed on the front page with links ONLY. NO actual images!
Trial Uploaders are not allowed to have any PPC links till they gradute to Uploaders.
Do not offer any torrent for download if it is not 100% free. No spam sites either.
Do not promote ads or money making site links into your torrent description.
Do not ask others to download your torrent. The exception to this is the approved "Adopt an Uploader" thread Or the "My First Torrent Thread"
Do not leave any comment to download your torrent.
Do not upload any fake format movie here.
Do not disrespect other uploaders.
As Nemesis43 has made this his home base for uploading, there will be no dumping of Nemesis torrents here. It would hamper his uploading abilities.
There will be no dumping allowed of any YIFY, YTS, ETTV or ETHD torrents from any site.
Certain other uploaders will also have this honor extended to them in the future.
Duplicate Torrents not allowed if you upload duplicate torrents the oldest one will be removed without warning.
Do not delete any torrents without proper reason and always state the reason upon deleting the torrent.

Rules on XXX image links:

Child Pornography uploads not allowed torrent will be removed and you will be banned from WWT forever
All other porn is allowed

1.) ~ Absolutely NO XXX images on the torrent page! This will be dealt with harshly if rule is violated.
2.)~Links to xxx image hosting sites allowed but it must be a legit hosting site or link will be removed and rules in rule number three still apply
3.) ~ Links can be pay-per-click. There are stipulations to this:
~A.) Trial Uploader no links allowed. You can have them when you graduate. This rule also applies to non-xxx uploaders.
~B.) Uploader and verified Uploader can have up to two clicks.
~C.) Elite Uploader: three clicks.
4.) ~ No links to other sites unless its your own and it must be verified by site staff other wise  this could get you banned from WWT.
5.) ~ No infected links. Even the first offense of this could get you banned.
6.) ~ The penalties for violating these rules are as follows:
~A.) First offense:  a stern written warning.
~B.) Second offense: a three day suspension from uploading.
~C.) Third offense:  Upload privileges permanently removed. No second chances.

Please don't test us. You will lose.

Few tips & solutions before you upload here:
• Read the Site Rules: Here
• Read how to apply for Trial Uploader status here:Here
• Request (Trial) Uploader status here: Here
• See how to create a torrent in 6 different torrent client programs: Here
• See how to upload here: Here
• The guide to a good torrents description: Here
• See how to use BB-codes: Here
• Allowed image hosting sites: Here (white list)
• WorldWide Torrents guidance and introduction: Here
• Understand trackers from good, bad, public and private: Here
• WorldWide Torrents tracker list: Here
• Guidance about categories & use for torrents!: Here
• See how to update the trackers of your torrent on site: Here
• Need help on WorldWide Torrents? Post your question & a Super User will help you!: Here

These are the important things you must understand before uploading. If staff finds any other guides then it will be put here. WorldWide Torrents staff wishes you all the best with uploading on WorldWide Torrents.

There Will Be No Dumping Allowed Of Any Nemesis..YIFY..YTS..ETTV..Or ETHD Torrents Allowed

All Uploaders can now upload Zip and RAR files. Having said that: if you are found to have uploaded even one infected or fake file inside a Zip folder/RAR you will be demoted to Trial Uploader. If you are a Trial Uploader you will be demoted to user. This applies without question.

If you are a  Uploader, Verified Uploader, or Elite Uploader, and have not been active on site for period of three months you will be demoted EXAMPLE
IF you have been demoted and decide to come back we welcome you  but you will have to start the same process over again from the start..No Exceptions
No more than 15 trackers are allowed per torrent or the torrent will be removed. No exceptions!

Also Take Note If You are Using A 10 Minute Or Disposable Email Uploader Status Will Not Be Granted Until Its Changed..Also If You Change Your Email To Disposable Or Back To Disposable After You Have Recieved Uploader Status You Will Loose Uploading Status Until You Fix It

Happy Uploading!

Last edited by Deep61 on 2018-10-21 23:32:48

maxmonPosted at 2018-04-25 19:35:25(29 wks ago)     0
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I have read and understood

BluE3StarPosted at 2018-05-03 18:17:47(28 wks ago)     0
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Posts: 4
Location: Ukraine

sir i am read the rules of wwt. i think i am ready to upload torrent from wwt.

thanks  :smile:smile:smile:smile

BabuPC0Posted at 2018-05-04 06:20:48(28 wks ago)     0

Posts: 5
Location: Bangladesh

read and understand.

Deep61Posted at 2018-05-04 09:34:44(28 wks ago)     0
Grand Maester

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BabuPC0 wrote:

read and understand.

not understood,please see the pm I sent you

friephtuaPosted at 2018-05-07 14:26:54(27 wks ago)     0

Posts: 2
Location: unknown

I have read and understood

skydecbootPosted at 2018-05-10 21:07:14(27 wks ago)     0

Posts: 2
Location: unknown

I have read and understood.

Some links in the tips&solution section don't work, like tracker list

frisky1Posted at 2018-05-11 23:44:42(27 wks ago)     0

Posts: 2
Location: United Kingdom

I have read and understood

SkyladPosted at 2018-05-15 05:14:24(26 wks ago)     0

Posts: 2
Location: unknown

I have read and understood

pskatPosted at 2018-05-17 14:05:51(26 wks ago)     0

Posts: 2
Location: Bangladesh

I have read and understood and I dont have any other uploads on other sites.

Last edited by pskat on 2018-05-17 14:06:21

alphavibePosted at 2018-05-19 12:19:45(25 wks ago)     0

Posts: 2
Location: unknown

all read and understood !! will be followed without any mistake !

L3ftuw3tPosted at 2018-05-20 23:52:04(25 wks ago)     0

Posts: 3
Location: unknown

:drunk #done

gameunlock69Posted at 2018-05-25 14:28:38(25 wks ago)     0

Posts: 3
Location: unknown

I understand the rules.

gameunlock69Posted at 2018-05-26 22:23:51(24 wks ago)     0

Posts: 3
Location: unknown

gameunlock69 wrote:

I understand the rules.

ANy update on my upload request. I fully understand the rules. Thank you!

Last edited by Deep61 on 2018-05-26 22:44:36

ConniePosted at 2018-06-02 21:11:25(23 wks ago)     0

Posts: 8
Location: United Kingdom

I acknowledge having read all your uploading rules. :clap


nisu99 Posted at 2018-06-03 02:33:11(23 wks ago)     0
The Omnipresent

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Location: India

Read and understand the rules.

Signed by

BeowulfPosted at 2018-06-04 17:19:54(23 wks ago)     0
Torrent Mod

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Location: Wonderland

I have read the rules and I agree with everything.


b2rPosted at 2018-06-12 13:00:54(22 wks ago)     0

Posts: 18
Location: India

understood! :nerd


BBRepackPosted at 2018-06-13 18:37:44(22 wks ago)     0

Posts: 2
Location: unknown

Read and understood! :wink

LuxLOLPosted at 2018-06-16 08:59:40(21 wks ago)     0

Posts: 3
Location: unknown

Always have followed this rules on Torrent and on eMule.


Last edited by LuxLOL on 2018-06-16 10:03:22


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