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miokdonatedPosted at 2018-03-30 21:25:15(33 wks ago)     0
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Valued Members, Mods and Staff:
These rules and terms of usage apply to you.
So take a few minutes to read this thread.

These are the cut-into-stone rules and regulations of
Ignorance of the rules can not be an excuse to get away with breaking them.

Please read here:

For Username Regulations Click Me ←

→ Site Rules
These Cover it all
To Read All Site Rules Click Me ←

→ Shoutbox rules, PLEASE read!
To Read Shoutbox rules, Click Me ←

→ Wall post rules, PLEASE read!
To Read Wall Post rules rules, Click Me ←

→ A Guide on Email Addresses, PLEASE read!
To Read A Guide on Email Addresses, Click Me ←

To Read FAQ Click Me ←

→ For The WorldWide Torrents Guide for Positions & Statuses Click me ←

→ For Avatar and signature regulations Click Here ←

You may insert your own personalized avy and/or sig if you'd like.

→ Ask for a signature here ←

→ Before requesting a signature read these basic guidelines for requesting ←

→ White & Black Image Hosting Site List ←

→ Extra and Important Rules for Group Accounts ←

→ Complete Uploading Rules Including XXX ←

→ How to Upload Here on WorldWide Torrents ←

→ How To Create A Torrent On 6 Different Torrent Client Methods ←

→ WorldWide Torrents Tracker List ←

→ Understand Trackers from Good, Bad, Public and Private ←

→ How To Apply for Trial Uploader ←

→ Request (Trial) Uploader Status Here ←

→ How To Become An Uploader ←

→ How To Become A Verified Uploader ←

→ How To Become An Elite Uploader ←

→ Rules for competitions (starting one/participating/voting) ←

→ Want to enter a competition? Check here for competitions ←

→ See How to Make a Blog←

→ Rules for Blogs ←

→ Feel you have something to contribute to our magazine, "The Privateer"? Here's the link to how you can help ←

If you believe in helping the Community, then you're in the right place.

We're always in need of people that demand a better community. They show that by helping Mods and Staff in extra items. Like fake-finding. Or checking out possibly infected applications. Or going through the Forums helping other members with questions they may have. Or checking sig sizes and if any posts may be "off color".

If you're a real Pirate, report threads, reporting changes needed in thread/torrent category, torrents that needs +18 tag, report avatar/signatures, help users with torrents requests, and much more. Then one day you will be made Super User or higher, Super Users rules are simple, you must a active member of 60 days (No Less), and your account must be clean.

One thing: do not ask for promotion.
We immediately take users that ask and put them in a special section, called "Do not Promote"
We watch. Closely. Very closely.
We can see who's doing what.
Every one of us SU and above was asked to become what they are today.

Before you jump in to help newbies & members, Please accept the term & condition of Thread & Post Rules

►  WorldWide Torrents Thread & Post Rules ◄

Torrents That Need A Category Change

► Torrent Issues - Torrents that need updating / changing/ Mod Work Only ◄

Report Signature/Avatar

► Report Avatar or Signature issues here ◄

WorldWide Torrents Request Section

► Torrent Requests-Movies-Music-E-Book-Games-SoftWare-Comics-Anime-Apps ◄

Read about WWT in the newest Privateer edition

► Link to the latest edition of The Privateer ◄

If you have a major question or a problem:

► What to do in case of online harassment ◄

► Link to Online Safety Practices ◄

Are you an Uploader that would like to use our new Auto-Upload app for Windows?

► Link to the new API auto-uploader ◄

Need a Tutorial on Site Workings or Other Tutorials?

► Link to all tutorials ◄

Tips and tricks for safe browsing:

► VPN Explanation and Information ◄

► How to setup a Proxy with uTorrent ◄

► Tips for Online Safety ◄

► Several Other Threads on Safe browsing/downloading practice ◄

If you want to get help on anything please post your question on Need Help Thread.
And if you're want to ask something important, want to report something, something nasty happens, you get threatened by anyone or your privacy is violated, feel free to Pm me or Pm any administrator/staffer. Ask them kindly to help you out, they will help you if they can!

Privacy is 100% respected here!  What is told to the Mods/Staff STAYS with them. It does not leak out.

We're all here for one purpose: to have FUN! Most rules are made to keep the bad guys in line.
So go on, get out there and have FUN! Download (or upload) some torrents, chat with others in the forums, have a Ball.
This is your site. Enjoy it!

Thanks, WWT Staff

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