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Title: Moongazing - Beginner's Guide to Exploring the Moon (gnv64)
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Moongazing: Beginner's Guide to Exploring the Moon
by Tom Kerss, Royal Observatory Greenwich
Collins | November 2018 | eISBN 9780008313920 | ePUB | 16.3 mb

An in-depth guide for aspiring astronomers and Moon observers. Includes detailed Moon maps and covers the history of lunar observation and exploration, the properties of the Moon, its origin and orbit.
- Optimised for colour tablets, the images in this ebook are not best-suited for viewing on black and white devices.
- This is the ideal book for Moon observers covering essential equipment, and the key events to look out for.
- Detailed advice is given on how to choose a telescope and how to capture the Moon in sketches.
- Discover all you need to know about eclipses, blue moons, supermoons, conjunctions and occultations.
- A comprehensive section covers astrophotography using lenses, telescopes, Smartphones, including video and how to process your images.
- Comes with a photographic atlas of lunar features with plates and annotated maps.
- A glossary of key terms, index of lunar features and software references are also provided

- Introduction
- The Moon
The Moon and its Origin
The Moon's Orbit and Rotation
Lunar Cycle and Phases
Surface Features
History of Lunar Observation
History of Lunar Exploration
Observing the Moon
Choosing a telescope
Eyepieces and Filters
Special Events
Conjunctions and Occultations
Blue Moon
- Lunar Atlas
Introduction to the Lunar Atlas
Lunar Atlas
- Astrophotography
Lunar Astrophotographv
Afocal Smartphone Photography
Wide-Angle and Telephoto Lunar Photography
Lunar Photography with a Telescope
Understanding Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
Processing Videos and Images
Creating Videos from DSLR Images
Revealing the Moon's True Colours
- Glossary' of Terms
- Software References
- Observing Log
- Index to Lunar Atlas Features
- Acknowledgements
- About the Publisher
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