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Bee Gees - This Is Where I Came In (2000) [FLAC]

Title: Bee Gees - This Is Where I Came In (2000) [FLAC]
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Bee Gees - This Is Where I Came In (2000) [FLAC]

Category Rock/Pop, Rock
Label Polydor
Orig Year 2000
Discs 1
Studio/Live Studio
Mono/Stereo Stereo
Personnel Barry Gibb - vocals, guitar
Barry Gibb - vocals, guitar
Robin Gibb - vocals
Maurice Gibb - vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming
Maurice Gibb - vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming

Also: David Cole, Joe Barati, George "Chocolate" Perry, Ken Faulk, Alfredo Oliva, Alan Kendall, Steve Rucker, Ben Stivers, Jason Carder, Matt Bonelli, Dwayne Dixon, Eric Kerley, John Knicker, John Merchant, Neil Bonsanti, Peter John Vettese, Robbie Macintosh

.: Tracklist :

After years of high-gloss production, this album represents the Bee Gees' attempt to return to their roots; simple, harmony-based pop tunes recorded in a straightforward manner. Accordingly, many of the songs here are based around Maurice and Barry Gibb's own acoustic guitar strumming, and of course the trio's distinctive vocal blend. Nevertheless, this is hardly lo-fi stuff. Sophisticated keyboard and electric guitar textures and programmed beats are not in short supply; the roots retrenchment is more a mindset than an arrangement tactic.

While most of the tunes here seem to fall into the adult pop mode the group began mining in its post-disco phase, "She Keeps on Coming" is a rockabilly-tinged number that wouldn't have sounded out of place on a Traveling Wilburys album, "Technicolor Dreams" is a quaint, vaudevillian song that harks back to the band's quirky baroque pop days, and "The Extra Mile" recalls the Bee Gees' mid-'70s soul balladry. Stylistically, THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN is more of a look over the shoulder than a giant leap backwards.

The Bee Gees created a body of work that represents some of the most popular music ever recorded and their songs are literally the soundtrack of an entire generation. Born in England and raised in Brisbane, Australia, the Gibb brothers - Barry, Robin and Maurice - became a teen-pop sensation by writing and singing melodic pop songs that spotlighted the trio's sweet sibling harmonies and dynamic songcraft. The Bee Gees are the most successful band of brothers in music history and remain the only recording artists to write and co-produce six straight US #1 singles. The Bee Gees' career includes seven US platinum albums, more than 60 singles charted, eight Grammy Awards and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Song Writers Hall of Fame.

1       This Is Where I Came In  
2. She Keeps On Coming  
3. Sacred Trust  
4. Wedding Day  
5. Man In The Middle  
6. Deja Vu  
7. Technicolour Dreams
8. Walking On Air  
9. Loose Talk Costs Lives  
10. Embrace  
11. Extra Mile  
12. Voice In The Wilderness  

Included.............: NFO, m3u, LOG, CUE


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File Name: Size:
01 - This Is Where I Came In.flac32.38 MB
02 - She Keeps on Coming.flac28.59 MB
03 - Sacred Trust.flac33.35 MB
04 - Wedding Day.flac33.31 MB
05 - Man in the Middle.flac30.58 MB
06 - Deja Vu.flac32.32 MB
07 - Technicolor Dreams.flac17.62 MB
08 - Walking on Air.flac30.11 MB
09 - Loose Talk Costs Lives.flac27.20 MB
10 - Embrace.flac32.57 MB
11 - The Extra Mile.flac26.55 MB
12 - Voice in the Wilderness.flac32.57 MB
artwork/1-2.tif1.26 MB
artwork/11-12.tif1.29 MB
artwork/13-14.tif1.26 MB
artwork/3-4.tif1.30 MB
artwork/5-6.tif1.29 MB
artwork/7-8.tif1.31 MB
artwork/9-10.tif1.30 MB
artwork/Cd cover rear.tif877.25 kB
artwork/CD front and booklet cover.tif1.28 MB
info.txt2.68 kB
This Is Where I Came In.cue1.71 kB
This Is Where I Came In.log10.54 kB
This Is Where I Came In.m3u322.00 B
thumb.jpg30.99 kB
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