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Grand Theft Auto V READNFO PS4-KOTF

Title: Grand Theft Auto V READNFO PS4-KOTF
Category: Games > PS4

Uploaded by piratepete*680


Uploaded on: Sep 06th, 2018

Seeders: 20
Leechers: 69
Completed: 24799
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Size: 41.75 GB
Language: English English

Proudly Present

Grand Theft Auto: V
Programmer :Rockstar North Language :English
Version :1.0 Size :90x500mb
Date :2017/09/27 Type :Filesystem Dump
Group :KOTF OS laystation 4


When a young street hustler, a retired bank robber and a terrifying
psychopath find themselves entangled with some of the most frightening and
deranged elements of the criminal underworld, the U.S. government and the
entertainment industry, they must pull off a series of dangerous heists to
survive in a ruthless city in which they can trust nobody, least of all
each other

Installation Help

Current Requirements:

1.76fw PS4, socat, elf loader, terminal, ftp client, ftp payload, netcat
decrypted game modules per game, extracted game and kernel hooks patch
if a kernal exploit is released for current firmwares, these dumps will
work fine there also

Replace the files in CUSA?????-app0 with the files in CUSA?????-Crack
Boot PS4, Enable FTP Payload, Navigate to Data and make the directory
CUSA?????, FTP the contents of CUSA?????-app0 from this relase into the
CUSA????? folder you just created. Reboot your PS4. Load the elf loader
on your PC, open command prompt in, or cd to your "socat" directory
Launch the PS4 Browser and go to "elf loader", Once you have got to stage
5, execute this socat command. "socat -u FILE:kernel_hooks TCPS4ip:5054"
after it executes run, "netcat nc PS4ip 5088" when you see the message
"Started Sucessfully" appear, press the PS button and launch Playroom to
start the game


These dumps now work, All previous releases do not

File Name: Size:
kotf-gtav.nfo14.30 kB
kotf-gtav.r00476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r01476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r02476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r03476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r04476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r05476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r06476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r07476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r08476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r09476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r10476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r11476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r12476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r13476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r14476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r15476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r16476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r17476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r18476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r19476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r20476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r21476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r22476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r23476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r24476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r25476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r26476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r27476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r28476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r29476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r30476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r31476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r32476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r33476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r34476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r35476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r36476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r37476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r38476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r39476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r40476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r41476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r42476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r43476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r44476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r45476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r46476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r47476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r48476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r49476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r50476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r51476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r52476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r53476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r54476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r55476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r56476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r57476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r58476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r59476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r60476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r61476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r62476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r63476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r64476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r65476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r66476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r67476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r68476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r69476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r70476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r71476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r72476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r73476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r74476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r75476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r76476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r77476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r78476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r79476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r80476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r81476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r82476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r83476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r84476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r85476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r86476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r87476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.r88312.15 MB
kotf-gtav.rar476.84 MB
kotf-gtav.sfv2.11 kB
Torrent Hash: 5C0F9BDBA605E9EC658F3E93D7BD12415AFB1821
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