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D.Lion.KingPosted at 2016-12-04 15:24:35(101 wks ago)     1
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So, we already had a great tutorial by Qwerty here, already. Why I'm writing this? As the title says, it's a revised edition. Qwerty's one was written a year ago and some of the sites/function mentioned there isn't working anymore. That's why I wanted to revise this tutorial, again.

Now, I'll cover a few things. This tutorial is specially covering fiction eBooks. I'll also cover non-fiction, too. And I want to keep this thread not-too-long, easy for pretty much everyone and simple.
Lets start. First off, Google the book you want and gather as much information as possible. Author, Title and Electronic Publication status is all you need. You have to check if the book have a eBook version, or not. Amazon will help you with this. Next, lets find the book! Almost 55% of the books in the internet is located in the Public Trackers. Torrentproject, TPB has most of them. But a lot of books are here in 0day packs or in weekly eBook packs, normal site search won't help you here.

Use this search engine :

Covers most of the public trackers and can search the whole site, books inside a big pack, too. You'll most likely find your book. If not, head over to the next step.

Now, IRC. IRC is Internet Relay Chat, it has thousands of usage, if you are not familiar with IRC, you'll just use it for finding Fiction books, and very few non-fiction ones.
First off, download mIRC from here: Then install the application. I made a GIF on how to use mIRC for this purpose, which you can see below. (Image version: as long image will ruin the thread.

Now, if you can't find your favorite book yet, it's time to use these sneaky file lockers. There's a few good sites that hosts free eBooks. Some of them has pretty easy downloading system, some hosts their files in different and kinda hard-to-download file hosts,Because of Ads . You need to figure out the ads and click on the right one to download, this time, only if you are brave enough. Listing all the sites here would be lame and will take a lot of time to search through one-by-one. So I made a search engine, again. This one works pretty good. ;)

Here it is:

Usage is pretty self-explanatory. Search the book, check the results and download the book for yourself. And by doing that a few times, you will understand which site is good for what.

Additional Tips: If you want a specific format, can't find it, but can find another format, you can convert the book to your preferred format using Calibre.
Download from here:
Load the book into Calibre and right click on Convert. Then choose your preferred format and you are done!

Many a times, it may happen that when you click on the download link, the site will tell you that the download file is no longer hosted. Now, copy the URL after the main domain which will look something like "/files/202Story.rar/" and paste it in google. Now you will get all the websites which had listed the book. Now open the links one by one. You have you experiment on this one.

So you did everything I wrote here, and still can't find what you want? Request in the Ebook REQUEST THREAD And if the book you're looking is a Comic, then use this thread: COMIC REQUEST

Important notice: Dont confuse with custom search engine page. You have to search where in says 'Google custom search', the second box. See here:

PS- I am not the original creator of this tutorial , Just revived from an old site , so in custom search link you may find few sites which isnt available for now , links will be updated and new links will be added very soon  

Last edited by Chelsea on 2017-11-07 20:22:59

Mr. SmithPosted at 2016-12-04 16:47:22(101 wks ago)     0

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Awesome thread, well done! :clap

SergeGardienPosted at 2017-07-15 00:07:57(69 wks ago)     0

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Thanks 1k for the guide D.Lion.King. It's very well made.

2 things:
1) I think you have inverted the Google Custom Search URLs, the 2nd URL search on Torrent Trackers meanwhile the 1st on blogs/forums/etc. dedicated to file hosting.
2) Can you please add the link to the tutorial by Qwerty? I cannot find it.

All the best :wink

Last edited by SergeGardien on 2017-07-15 00:08:32

nisu99 Posted at 2018-03-21 11:10:50(33 wks ago)     0
The Omnipresent

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Thanks. great tutorial

conradf1970Posted at 2018-05-12 14:34:26(26 wks ago)     0

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Is anyone else having problems with the google search engine?
Searches used to link me to mobilism but not any more, when I search for books that I know are available the search comes up with no results.

nisu99 Posted at 2018-08-30 16:16:14(10 wks ago)     0
The Omnipresent

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conradf1970 wrote:

HiIs anyone else having problems with the google search engine?Searches used to link me to mobilism but not any more, when I search for books that I know are available the search comes up with no results.

Works good for me.

GodAndUlsterdonatedPosted at 2018-10-15 22:26:26(4 wks ago)     0
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specise_8472Posted at 2018-10-31 03:46:34(1 wk ago)     0

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You can get monthly packs of all MIRC books released from here. Site is in Russian, but this link is to the English books section. These packs were uploaded to Satanoid, but as this site is down...


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