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BeowulfPosted at 2018-05-20 06:21:46(26 wks ago)     1
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WWT Beowulf’s Tools for members and Mods

You may have noticed we are growing so with growth we will always be getting new mods so I thought a thread about the tools of the trade so to speak might be a good idea!

Now anyone can use this thread and these links, also if you wish you can post other tools and ask questions as I will be watching the thread

also all links are free and all are bookmarked and used by me

please no spam and all site thread rules apply as always, also any question my be directed to me as I am here to help, happy Modding and enjoy your day!

https://www.virustotal.com /

Virus Total the backbone of mod tools learn how to read it as it takes time or use me i am here to help
Payload Security a great scan as a backup to Virus Total again it takes time to be able to read it
again use me!
a scan for Andriod apps good one


you should get a copy and open files in it not on your PC be safe always thanx
Here you can download Sandboxie: http://www.sandboxie.com/SandboxieInstall.exe
Info about installing and use of Sandboxie:
How it works...
Getting started, part one...
Getting started, part two...
Getting started, part three...
Getting started, part four...
Getting started, part five...
Getting started, part six...
Usage tips...

In case you are infected
awesome scan for your PC it has 50 stages and gets the job done but sadly only for Windows 8 and below hope it will be updated use it as it works
RKill another great app for malware and there processes also hosts and other problems use it i do every few days
just a great tool to cleaning adware i would be lost without it!
JunkWare cleaner another great app for adware and browser cleaning.

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skunklovePosted at 2018-11-15 11:12:48(4 days ago)     0
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