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On WorldWide Torrents you can send and recieve messages through our message system. You can also get system messages and mass pm's from staff. This tutorial will show you how to use our message system.

Before that first some useful links:
- Click for BB-codes tutorial, to see what BB-codes you can use in pm's.
- Click for Staff List, in case you need to contact a staffmember without having to search their username.

How to access the message system:
Easiest way is to access it when you click on the envelope button at the top of the site. If you have new messages you see an envelope above your avatar.  It also shows how many new messages in a green number. Press it to go to your message system.

You can also access it through your "Your Account". You can find the link to your account settings below your avatar. In your settings you go to "Your Messages" and you will go to your message system.

The message system

Opening and closing a pm:
In the inbox you see a list of your received messages. Before the username of the sender you can see if the message is unread (it stays unread until you answer it or mark it read) or read.

To open a pm you click on the + before the subject.

To close the pm click on the - before the subject.

Answering a pm:
Open the message as shown above. Click on the reply button below the message you want to answer.

You will go to a screen where you can compose the answer. The text of the recieved message is at the top.

On WWT it is custom to put a stripped line between the message you are answering and your answer. This makes it easier to recognize where your answer starts.

To send your message, push the send button. Standard your send message is saved in your outbox. You can uncheck "SAVE_COPY" to not save your send message.

Sending a pm to a certain user:
Our message system does not allow you to type the username of the user you want to send a message too. It is only possible to send a pm to one user at the same time.

There are different ways to select the user you want to send a message to.

In the forum: go to a post from the user you want to send a message to and push on the PM button below their avatar.

On the profile: go to the profile of the user you want to pm and push the "Send PM" button.

On the staff list: click on the pm button behind the name of the staff member.

Using "Compose": on your message page you can see a tab named "Compose". Click on this tab.

Click on the little triangle next to the name in the "TO:" box and select the user you want to send a message to.

Meaning of icons in  message box:

Bold - To make bold style texting (Must select the words with pointer to use it)

Italic - To make italic style texting (Must select the words with pointer to use it)

Emphasizer - To under line text (Must select the words with pointer to use it)

Link - To make text links Insert link press ok then insert text or text with colors bbcodes & press ok)

Image - Insert image link & it will insert image code to yours image to show up into description

Align - To make description at center, left, justify, right. Your torrent description will show up according to your choice (Must select the area with pointer to use it).

Video - To present youtube video (Must select the link with pointer to use it).

Code - To write down few words or description into separate box (Must select the words with pointer to use it).

Quote - It is forum thing mostly uses for reply to specific posts if you're anwsering specific  questions throw single post.   Quote can show up whom you talking to, same like Reply thing.  or you can quote anything into torrent description. (Must select the words with pointer to use it)

Font - Drop down the list and Select the font style (Must select the link with pointer to use it)

Size - To increase the text size (5 is usually large enough )  (Must select the link with pointer to use it)

Colors - Drop down the list & make colorful description if you want. (Must select the link with pointer to use it)

Smileys - (if you can remember codes then you can type codes to make smiley into description) otherwise see the list of smilies below and mark your pointer at place where you want to insert smiley then hit on smiley to insert it into description.

You can watch a preview of your torrent description by pressing on the tick

Deleting and marking pm's as read:
You can delete or mark one message at a time by opening it. The "Delete" and "Mark as read" buttons are below the message.

You can also delete/mark read one message or multiple messages at a time. Mark the message or messages and press either on "Delete marked" or "Mark as Read" at the bottom of your inbox. You will have to click on "confirm" to actually delete or mark the messages as read.

Blocking a member from messaging you:
You can block a member so they are unable to send you messages. You can block a member by going to their profile and click the "Add to Blocked" button.

System messages:
Sometimes you will get a system message. You can recognize a system message by the black name. You can't reply to a system message.

Some of the reasons to get a system messages:
- when you get promoted/demoted
- mass pm's from staff
- when you get an official warning from staff
- site news

Mass pm's:
Staff can send a mass pm through the pm system. It is either by a staff member or a system message. It is used when staff need to contact a large group of users.
Mass pm's have either mass pm in the subject or it is mentioned in the message. Don't answer a mass pm unless you have a question about it or in the message you are asked to reply. System messages you can't reply as there is no reply button below it.

If you send a lot of the same messages, you can make a template to save time. It can be used to answer a pm or send a new pm to a member.

Creating a Template:
Go to "Templates".

Click on "Create New Template".

Type your title and message and click on "Save".

Your template will now show in the template list.

Using a template:
When you reply or compose a message, you now have the option to choose a template.

Select the template from the drop down menu to use it. The message box will turn gray and the tittle of your template will show as the subject in the message.

When answering a pm with a template the receiver will see it in the tittle as (was + title of their pm).

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